Vacuum Technology

An interesting review article has been published in Science & Technology A: Vacuum, Surfaces, and Films: Vol 35, No 5.  Entitled ‘Tracing the History of Thin Film Deposition: From the 1800s to 2017,’ it is an interesting read which explores the development of thin film technology from it’s early beginnings to the incredible range of uses in today’s many applications; some of which have already been discussed above.

The review takes the reader as far back as Ancient Egypt and Hero of Alexandria’s (approx 10 – 70 AD), discussions concerning Siphon pumps in his essay ‘Pneumatica,’ which was influenced by even earlier works by Philo of Byzantium (280 -220 BC); through the development of vacuum and electrical power in early Thin Film sputter deposition experiments. Finally, the review brings us right up to date, discussing hybrid HiPIMS/dc-magnetron and reactive-HiPIMS sputtering technology.

Additional information can be found here.