About Us

Nordiko Technical Services Limited

Nordiko is a technology based company with a significant knowledge base in thin film deposition and surface modification. Nordiko offers a range of affordable equipment targeted at development, laboratory, and production applications. Nordiko [est. in 1972] has 40 years experience of thin film.

Our Technology

Our sputtering technology is both mature and innovative benefitting from knowledge gained over almost 40 years.

Our ion beam technology is used both in milling (etching) and deposition applications. Patented plasma source and ion accelerator designs are deployed in a range of broad ion beam sources from 10 to 30 cm.

Our product range encompasses stand-alone systems targeted at academia and RD&I, also batch tools for pilot production and systems that integrate our process modules with capable and yet affordable wafer handling platforms for advanced material applications and higher throughput.

Company History

1972  Established as a specialist supplier of R&D sputtering equipment.
1983  Moved to a purpose-built new factory in Havant.
1984  Exports account for 50% of turnover.
1985  Fully automatic cassette-to-cassette production systems introduced.
1989  Introduction of the first commercially available rf excited broad ion source.
1995  New factory commissioned.
1996  First shipments of advanced ion beam deposition tools for thin GAP applications.
1997  50% increase in shipments and revenue and exports account for 100% of turnover.
1998  Nordiko acquired by Shimadzu Corporation.
2003  Established Nordiko Technical Services Limited.
2004  Introduction of entry-level Ion Beam deposition system, i-Octave.
2005  Became a CANON GROUP company.
2007  Opened new customised facility – Nest Business Park, Havant.
2009  Introduction of 7500 large area ion mill.
2011  Nordiko 5000 series introduced in 2011.
2011  NORDIKO bought from the CANON ANELVA CORPORATION by Mervyn Davis – Managing Director.
2013  Delivery of first N2000 compact sputters.
2013  Delivery of Ion Beam manufacturing tool for commercial micro-bolometer.
2013  Established Nordiko Inc.
2014  Delivery of Ion Beam MRAM manufacturing tool.
2014  Introduction of enhanced capability 3400 BIBD.
2015  Delivery of Ion Beam manufacturing tool for advanced optics for HDD. See – www.anandtech.com/hard-disk-drives-with-hamr-technology-set-to-arrive-in-2018
2015  Opened Nordiko Inc office in Michigan. John Walters appointed General Manager Nordiko Inc.
John Walters joined Nordiko in 1987. John’s background with the company has been primarily in commissioning and as service manager. He has a wealth of knowledge regarding the installed base of Nordiko machines.
2016 Over the past years Nordiko has been working to improve our systems. With a focus of improving functionality and performance together with ease of maintenance, we plan to ship our first new generation 3400 Broad Ion Beam Deposition System. The system retains the unique geometry of the 3400 and benefits from our latest generation of high-output MkV RF ion sources.
2017 Following the introduction of the updated 3400 we have progressed to introducing the new features, Mk V ion sources, a new substrate table, new target assembly and revised neutralisers into the 3000.

Nordiko – Innovation with reliability – a winning combination…