Magnetic Frontiers

Nordiko at Magnetic Frontiers – Lisbon

The development of thin film magnetic devices is a relatively new and exciting science, and Nordiko has been at the forefront in providing both machines and processes for this technology for many years. 

We first supplied deposition systems to Philips, and in the early 1990’s we established markets in  America and Japan. Our customers include HGST, IBM, INESC MN, Matsushita, Motorola, NEC, Oracle, Quantum, Read-Rite, Sony, TDK, Toshiba and Western Digital. We have supplied machines throughout the sensor evolution time line to introduce AMR, the spin-valves, GMR and TMR. We have also provided both magnetron sputtering and Broad Ion Beam Deposition to companies involved in developing MRAM through DARPA sponsored programs.

As part of our continuing interest in the expansion of this technology, we have been proud to sponsor the recent Magnetic Frontiers Conference held last month in Lisbon, Portugal. 

This conference covered a wide variety of applications from sensors to support the role out of Internet of Things, to exploration of the cosmos and fascinating biological implementations.

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