New Multi-Target PVD Module

8800 PVD Module
Nordiko 8800 PVD Process Module

We have introduced a new PVD module, the 8800.  This is can be equipped with up to ten magnetron cathodes and is capable of co-sputtering.  The first delivery of this module has been made to INESC-MN.  Here the new module will share the same wafer handling platform for 200 mm wafers with their existing 3600 BIBD module. The Nordiko Mnem-iX provides a platform for fabricating advanced sensors using Broad Ion Beam Deposition

Nordiko has been involved in thin film magnetics for more than 30 years.  Initially the systems offered were physical vapour deposition sputtering systems.  These proved very popular in the USA and Japan as the hard disc recording industry grew and matured. 

With the evolution of the technology came the need to build increasing complex multi-layer structures where interface properties are critically important.  Initially for development our broad ion beam systems proved beneficial in providing very consistent performance.

We were involved in some of the early development of MRAM technology, funded by DARPA.  This eventually lead to the Nordiko Mnem-iX to be used for the commercial production of MRAM devices.

The flourishing technology on which hard disc reading heads are based has become mature but continues to evolve.  The same technology finds uses in many emerging applications for sensors.  These range from motion, proximity and orientation sensors, used in Smartphones and vehicles, to magnetic biosensors.

With the development of increasingly capable sensors the materials set has expanded and is likely to expand further in the future.  The favoured material for the tunnel barrier in TMR structures is presently MgO.  The roadmap for devices development calls for new materials.  The magnetic and antiferromagnetic materials have traditionally exploited elemental and binary alloy materials.  More tertiary materials, such as CoFeB are now used and in the future perhaps quaternary materials will find increasing application.