Nordiko α120

Building on twenty years of experience in delivering RF based ion beam systems Nordiko introduces the α120. This laboratory system comprises a vacuum process module, mounted on a cabinet housing supporting power supplies and power management systems. The system is configured for atmospheric cycling to load samples.

The process module comprises an isolated vacuum chamber housing a broad ion beam source and single platen substrate table. The ion source may be used to project a beam, normally of Argon ions at beam voltages from 100 to 600 V. In the path of the ion beam is a substrate table that provides on-axis rotation of the illuminated substrate and can be presented to the path of the beam at a variable incidence angle.
Compact configuration – small footprint
15, 20 or 25 cm RF ion source
Filamentless neutraliser
Flexible configurable work table
High capacity dry pumping group.

Optional Features:
Cryogenic pumping
Reactive gas etching
SIMS end-point detection
Vacuum load lock

Nordiko alpha 120