Nordiko N300 Laboratory Scale Sputtering System

This is the smallest of Nordiko’s sputtering systems.  It uses an aluminium chamber and can accommodate up to four 75 mm sputtering cathodes.  An alternative configuration is to install a single larger (150 or 200 mm) electrode.  Each cathode may be configured for DC and or RF operation.  The chamber is pumped by a 300 l.s-1 turbomolecular pump backed by a 7 dry pump.  The chamber also features a SEMI MESC-compatible port that can interface to vacuum load lock.

The rotary substrate table is water cooled.  As an option, a heated table is also available.  The table is mounted on a telescopic pedestal and can be electrically driven through 75 mm of vertical travel.

Operation of the system is automated.  The control system is user-friendly and provides a mimic GUI (Graphical User Interface).