Nordiko 8000 and 8550 Series Batch Load Physical Vapour Deposition Systems

These are highly flexible and very capable automatic sputtering systems.

The 8000 and 8550 share a common process module. The 8000 may be configured either for atmospheric cycling to load a batch, or with a single shot load lock. When this module is mated to a wafer handling platform that accesses a vacuum cassette load lock then the machine designation becomes the 8550.

Two alternative electrode populations are offered; either, Four 250 mm cathodes, or Six 200 mm cathodes.

Each cathode may be configured for RF diode, DC, RF or DC/RF magnetron operation. The magnetron cathodes are also available with rotating magnet arrays.  The rotating substrate table may be configured to accept a variety of differing substrate formats. The table may be rotated at speeds from 2 to 30 rpm. The table height can also be raised and lowered to optimise the process.

Nordiko 8000