Nordiko i-Octave

i-Octave is a multi-target broad ion beam deposition system aimed at laboratory and development applications.

Building on our experience gained over 20 years in making deposition systems this configuration combines simplicity with innovation and is capable of delivering exceptional within wafer non-uniformity. The system is automated and is available as an atmospheric venting system or with a vacuum load lock.

The substrate table provides two axes of rotation; one to permit homogenisation of the arriving material flux (to the benefit of within substrate film thickness non-uniformity) and a second axis permitting variable orientation of the substrate within the deposition material flux. This latter manipulation allows tuning of the deposition thickness non-uniformity. This system is designed for deposition on to wafers (and substrates) up to 150 mm diameter. The base configuration includes a single ion source for illumination of the selected target for the sequential deposition of up to six materials. Optional inclusion of a second ion source, aimed at the substrate table, permits ion beam pre-clean, surface modification and assisted deposition to be performed. The system can be provided with either cryogenic or turbomolecular high vacuum pumping groups. Modern nano scale technologies need precision fabrication tools.

The i-Octave ion beam deposition system delivers precision ion beams for sputter deposition applications and surface modification. It is a capable tool for process development and pilot production of sensitive nano scale devices. It delivers the performance needed when developing a nano scale world.

Nordiko i-Octave
i-Octave broad ion beam deposition system